June through to September are the coldest months of the year, and in some parts of Australia the mercury can drop down to -10 so it can be tempting just to leave your heater or fire going overnight to avoid the chill.

The cold temperatures can be dangerous as well as unpleasant, so it's easy to see why people would do this, but you could be causing more harm than good by doing this.

Here's why you should never leave a heater or fire going all night.

Power and Gas Bill

Although it's not at the very top of the dangers of leaving heaters on, it can still cause quite a blow to your electricity and gas bills.

When you really think about it, you're running your heater for an extra 8 or so hours and those extra hours do add up and will cause your bills to skyrocket, and no one wants that.

Power Outage

One heater being left on at night isn't going to cause any significant damage to the overall electrical system in your area but imagine everyone in your area doing that. This could potentially cause a sudden power surge causing a massive power outage.

We have discussed power outages before and how dangerous they can be, and during a cold winter’s night, the danger is even more severe.


This is the number one reason why you should never leave a heater or fire going overnight, and it can't be understated how dangerous fires can be, and they can happen at any time of the day. At night though you aren't awake to deal with it when it starts, so it has time to build up power and momentum before you even realise what's happening.

A house fire can destroy precious memories and even take the lives of those who aren't aware of what's happening, and firefighters may not get there in time to stop it.

It can be tempting just to risk it and leave them on, but you're risking your lives and those around you by doing so. If you want to stay warm during those cold winter nights check out the list we made previously about this, 6 TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY ON ELECTRICITY THIS WINTER.

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