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Emergency 24hr Electrician Services

M1&Co - Emergency Electrical Services in Wollongong and The Illawarra

Finding an Emergency Electrician in Wollongong

If you’re looking for an emergency electrician in Wollongong, you’ve come to the right place. The team at M1&Co Electrical is devoted to providing outstanding service for all your residential, commercial or industrial emergency electrical needs, 24/7.
We are proud to have developed a reputation for being an emergency electrician Illawarra and surrounding regions can rely on when the power suddenly goes out.
Whether your electricity is out of service because of an equipment malfunction or due to an accident or foul weather, we are standing by to assist.
You can rest assured that we are authorised to provide Emergency Level 2 Electrical Services throughout New South Wales.


Have you determined there is an immediate need to upgrade the electrical system of your home because it is ancient and poses a safety risk? Older dwellings, especially those that were poorly maintained should always be inspected on a regular basis by a professional.

People who are in the midst of building a new dwelling or homeowners who are embarking on a remodeling project sometimes need immediate emergency electrician service because of issues such as sparking wires that could cause a fire. Only a trained expert should attempt to fix such a problem.
If you have an dangerous issue that needs attention, keep in mind that we are an emergency electrician Wollongong residents know they can rely on at any time of the day or night.
M1&CO - emergency domestic electrician wollongong


As the owner of manager of a commercial establishment that is open late or 24/7, you need to feel confident that if something goes wrong with the electrical setup, you have skilled and experienced electricians available to diagnose the problem and then work to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
If an electrical emergency arises in the middle of the night, we urge you to contact us immediately for assistance. We are a 24h electrician Wollongong business owners appreciate for our expertise, knowledge and experience.
M1&CO - emergency commercial electrician wollongong


A power failure in an industrial setting can prove to be extremely expensive, from all of the idled workers remaining on the clock to the time and effort needed to bring equipment back on line.
What’s more, if your organization is on a deadline to produce items but now your power is out, you run the risk of a supply chain breakdown that would affect many other enterprises who are relying on your goods and services.
Being the best 24h electrician Illawarra has to offer, we welcome the opportunity to assess your facilities and come up with a repair plan that will get the job done quickly and efficiently so you’ll have minimal downtime.
M1&CO - emergency industrial electrician wollongong

Emergency Level 2 Electrical Services

Major electrical works may only be conducted by authorised, qualified individuals. At M1&Co, we provide Emergency Level 2 Electrical Services both overhead and underground.
Level 2 accreditation allows our electricians to work with high voltage and hard access cables. This is essential when touching live wires and working with metering devices.
M1&CO - emergency level 2 electrician wollongong
Examples of Level 2 Electrical Services we provide include:
* Overhead Service Mains: If there is an issue with downed overhead service mains or overhead mains that are otherwise malfunctioning, we are available to begin repairs immediately.
* Underground Service Mains: It can be tricky getting into narrow spaces while doing underground service mains electrical inspections and repairs. We have years of experience doing this type of work quickly and efficiently.
* Private Pole Replacement: A broken pole owned by your organisation will need to be replaced by knowledgeable electricians possessing Level 2 electrical services authorisation. This is not a task you can rely on local government to take care of.
* Lighting: When the lighting goes out at your facilities, production will come to a grinding halt. Even if your workers would be content to continue working with battery-powered laptops and smartphones, you still need the lights on for safety’s sake. While we are bringing the lights online, you can arrange for an energy-saving upgrade, so your future utility bills will be reduced.
* Emergency Disconnections and Reconnections: From dealing with blown fuses to fixing damaged cables supporting voltages as high as 1500v, we are your go-to source for Level 2 emergency electrician services. We will disconnect and reconnect the electrical wiring safely, ensuring that your building will be operational again with as short of a delay as possible.
In an emergency when other local electricians are unavailable, our expert electricians can also help you with pressing tasks that cannot wait until morning, such as mini excavations, trenching and even cable and fault locating.
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