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Telecommunications Infrastructure Services

Telecommunications Infrastructure

We offer a wide range of telecommunications infrastructure electrical services. Cell tower build is a sophisticated enterprise and sustainable mobile communication services are crucial to the modern world in many ways.

The lack of coverage could result in business limitations, communication among families and sometimes can risk of life.
That’s why keeping towers and sites functional 24/7 is M1&CO’ priority. We are a trusted and reliable electrical company with extensive experience when it comes to emergencies and maintenance. We work in accordance with all state regulations and safety measures including Safe Work Method Statements.

Maintaining telecommunication towers requires experience, attention to detail and durability. That is why our safety-first approach will provide your firm with trusted high-quality service in timely manner.

Regular inspections

Cell tower is an outdoor complex construction which is a composite of different types of equipment which isn’t work in isolation. Towers are exposed to different environmental factors, such as weather damage, abrasion, structure damages and even local animals.

Comprehensive maintenance services by professional technicians can prevent critical emergences in the future. Regular scheduled inspections prevent any costly critical damages, accidents and respond quickly to any outages. Our service guarantee involves that all electrical issues will be monitored and prioritised to be resolved immediately.
Maintenance includes many types of different works such as resolving electrical issues, repairs, and/or replacement all the equipment (batteries,  antennas, transmission lines, lights).
Common inspection must include
- Indications locations of all antennas, antenna mounting brackets, microwave, dishes, transmission line sizes to each antenna.
- Visual inspection of tower structure (general, any loose bolts, damage/missing members, any signs of unusual stress or vibration?
- Climbing ladders, platforms, and safety equipment secure
- Tower Foundations and Guy Anchors
- Guy Wires and Fittings
- Antennas, Microwave Dishes, and Transmission Lines
- Paint and Obstruction Markings
- Electrical and Lighting Systems
- Certification

All problems and damages, must be addressed in reasonable time depending on the level of urgency.


With our vast and long term experience we provides permanent monitoring of all light sources of the tower for it stable work at any conditions.


Battery testing and/or replacement, uninterrupted power supply is vital for the stable work of any equipment and reliable business operations. Batteries and power supplies are the heart of any equipment system and they must be examined and be replaced in advance before their expiration date.
Every communication tower must have batteries for the backup power. When tower loses its power its switch to batteries, if the batteries are out of order, the towers can take power from generators, which depend on diesel.
We will provide proper monitoring and service for all of the power sources of the tower replace all the batteries. We can also provide a generator maintenance and power supply to prolong uptime time in case of an emergency.

Natural disasters

Storms, fires and other natural disasters may cause critical damage to the tower in general. It can be dangerous also for the surrounding areas, grounds and buildings. Proper inspections and timely emergency repair will help maintain mission critical infrastructure operational.
We can provide a buffer for the weather conditions for your cell tower by providing regular inspections and well-timed maintenance.


Our team can provide fast installation/deinstallations and connections/disconnections for all the cell tower equipment for commissioning or dismantle in New South Wales. Telecom infrastructure may be relocated when the service will no longer operate in a particular location.

More often than not, some equipment may be outdated and a complete re-build may be required. We can assist with major projects as well.


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