Winter is coming, and just like the next season of Game of Thrones it's fast approaching, and even though it's only April the temperature is starting to dip, and we're all feeling this cool change and want ways to stay warm without breaking the bank.

The primary cause for high electricity bills in winter are from using heaters to keep you and your family warm, but there are other ways to stay warm during the cold season that don't run your electricity bills up.

The following are a series of tips from M1&Co Electrical to help keep your electricity bills down and your family warm

Tip 1. Keep it closed

This may sound obvious, but the goal in winter is to keep your house as warm as possible so keeping all windows and doors closed whenever possible will keep it warm inside your home. Also, heat does rise so pay particular attention to any windows that may be left open upstairs.

Tip 2. Set the right temperature on your heater

Most modern heaters have a dial that lets you set what temperature you want the room to be, and once it reaches that temperature it shuts off. Choosing the optimal temperature for your house will help to cut the use of your heater and keep that electricity bill down.

Tip 3. Using a hot water bottle

So many of us electric blankets to stay warm during the winter because we think it's the only way to keep warm at night, but there is a better way to keep warm, and it's much cheaper than running an electric blanket all night. Hot water bottles have been around for decades and are comfortable and safe to use, plus they only require a bit of hot water to work.

Tip 4. Rug up

Wearing big jumpers and comfy tracksuit pants may not be the fashionable things to wear, but they sure do keep you warm.

Tip 5. A hot cuppa

Everyone has different hot drink preferences but in the end, drinking hot beverages helps keep you warm, so whether you enjoy drinking coffee, hot chocolate or tea it's an excellent choice to do this more often in winter.

Tip 6. Using your fans "winter" mode

When we think of ceiling fans, we think of summer. However, modern ceiling fans have a "winter" mode built in to help you through those cold months. This is excellent news since it is cheaper to run a fan that it is to run a heater.

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