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Level 2 Electrcian Shellharbour


Major electrical works are dangerous and can only be carried out by specialised personnel with the appropriate qualifications, like level 2 electricians. Level 2 electricians are certified and authorised to work on or near the distributor’s networks, e.g., Endeavour Energy.

At M1&CO, we provide our clients in Shellharbour with a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services. If you want level 2 electricians that will give you professional service that abides by the highest safety standards, we are the go-to guys.

Our Services

1.      Disconnections and Reconnections

When it comes to disconnecting and reconnecting electrical wiring, we get the job done. We work in line with accreditation and community approval, from resetting damaged cables to replacing a blown fuse.

2.      Lighting

Want lighting installations? Our specialists will give you the most satisfactory lighting installation. We also repair and upgrade existing lighting in your commercial or residential space.

3.      Private Pole Installations and Replacements

M1&CO will replace your old and rusted power pole according to the set standards and best practice. If you have received a defect notice from routine inspections by Endeavour Energy, we are the company to call.

4.      Underground Service Mains

If you want an electrical company to locate and install underground low voltage mains and high voltage assets, we are here for you.

5.      Overhead Service Mains

We will safely connect your business or home to the network.

6.      Metering

Our metering services include; off-peak metering, solar metering, CT metering, granny flat metering, and temporary power supply.

7.      Temporary Builders Supply

We supply and install all types of temporary electrical materials, including low voltage cables and high-end private poles.

8.      Three Phase Upgrades

Despite being commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, 3-phase power is becoming more popular in residential spaces. If you want to upgrade your home power supply to 3-phase power, M1&CO will do that for you.

9.      Cross arms

When any issues arise with cross arms in your power pole, we will solve it responsively.

Our other level 2 electrical services include; trenching, mini excavation, cable and fault locating, and off-peak HW upgrades.

Why Should You Work with Us?

a)      Highly Trained and Certified Electricians

We know how serious level 2 electrical work is, and thus, we make sure only to let highly trained professionals handle your needs. Our electricians have undergone and passed extensive testing and training.

b)      Professional Service

Our level 2 electricians will handle all your electrical needs in the most professional manner. We will always be there on time, listen to your needs, and won’t let distractions get in our way.

c)      Experience

M1&CO has been providing electrical solutions for years, and we have garnered a lot of experience in the field. We know the ins and outs of electrical projects, and there is no problem we haven’t faced before.

d)      Well Equipped

Even the very best electricians are only as good as their tools, and we take this seriously. We are well equipped with the best and up to date tools to tackle any electrical problems that come our way.

e)      Excellent Service

Combine all the above qualities, and you get excellent level 2 electrical service that meets all the set standards and regulations.

For more insight on our level 2 electrical service, call us today or request a free quote now.

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