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high voltage switching company

Working in and around electricity is hard enough, but when there are high voltage equipment involved the entire process becomes a potentially deadly situation.

Electricians train for years in order to work with power lines, HV cables and equipment, but some all of them have the training it takes to work with high voltage cables.

Working with high voltage equipment is a delicate process and requires patience, knowledge and skill which only those who have gone through the proper training will have, and it just so happens that here at M1&Co we are qualified to handle such situations.

We have gone through the rigorous training in order to provide our clients with an additional service that can help them in times of need, and we are happy to be able to bring you this service because not many electrical companies can provide this to you.

How can this service help you?

This service means that we can fix and replace any high voltage cables in and around your area that have become old, worn down or damaged. It also means we can help in the event that they become dangerous and could cause severe injuries to you and your neighbours.

You should always call us in if you notice any of the following.

Damaged to Low Hanging Aerial Cables

Cables are like any other piece of equipment and can become worn out due to exposure to the elements and sometimes they can start to show signs of damage such as fraying or hanging lower than usual. It's times like these when you need to call us since this can lead to electrical fires and severe injuries.


It is not normal for cables to spark and it is a sign that something has gone wrong with either the cable or something it's attached to. Normal electricians aren't trained to handle a situation that involves high voltage cables, so calling us in to help should be your first instinct.

Touching a Tree Branch

If a tree does start to grow too close to a high voltage cable or powerline, then that can cause a chain reaction which could result in a big accident such as a fire, and you should not try and cut the tree back yourself as you could accidentally come into contact with the cable and injure yourself. We are trained for these types of situations so leave it to us.

Underground Cables


High voltage switching is something that we decided to do because we saw a lack of expertise in the market and we want to be able to help in all types of situations that involve power and electricity. We never want to be called to a person's premises and have to tell them we can't help, so we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and are constantly updating our knowledge of our field.

If you see a suspicious or damaged high voltage cable in your area, please don't hesitate and call M1&Co on 0455 556 598, and don't worry about the time as we are available to help 24/7 since not all electrical issues happen during business hours.


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