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Industrial Electrical Services

commercial electrical services in Wollongong, Illawarra, Sutherlandshire, and South Coast, NSW
We Meet all Industrial Electrical Requirements

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From pumping stations to warehouse lighting, whatever your needs, our experienced industrial electricians and their safety first approach will tick all the boxes for any of your install, repair and maintenance work. We understand how critical it is to have your most important equipment working at its best, and know what is at stake when things go wrong. This is why we are committed to provide "dependable" industrial electrical services for our clients in New South Wales.

Lighting Install and Repairs

Lighting Upgrades

Power Install and Upgrade

Fault Finding

Pumping Station Repair

Programmed Maintenance

Phone Cabling


General Maintenance

Thermographic Inspections

RCD Testing

Emergency Lighting Test

Test and Tag

Warehouse Fitouts

Data Cabling


Do you want a dependable electrician that will provide you with excellent industrial electrical solutions in Wollongong? At M1&Co Electrical, we provide unmatched quality to our clients in New South Wales. From general maintenance to routine inspections and cabling services, we are here to ensure that your factory or warehouse operates at its best.

Experience Defines Us

When you want your pumping station or lighting repaired, you need someone that has been doing it for a long time on the job. M1&Co has been serving industrial clients in New South Wales for a long time now. We know what to do; no problem is new to us, and our electrical solutions just keep getting better with time.

Let the Experts Handle It

Whatever your industrial electrical needs, we are here to provide expert solutions. Our highly trained and experienced electricians will sort all your industrial electrical needs in the best way possible. We know what’s at stake and will only let qualified experts serve you.

Professionalism is Our Motto

You deserve electricians who will go about their work in the most professional manner. M1&Co provides you with such electricians. Therefore, when you work with us, you are sure to enjoy the highest levels of professionalism and respect. We take our kind of work seriously and make sure to reflect that when called upon.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We have a safety-first approach in all our installation, repair, and maintenance services. Working with us does not compromise your safety and that of your equipment. Our electricians will make sure to strictly adhere to the set safety guidelines and standards in New South Wales.    

Competitive Prices

Even better, we charge consumer-friendly prices on all our services without compromising quality. At M1&Co, we will give you excellent and up to standard results without overcharging you.

Our Services

Whatever your industrial needs are, M1&Co Electrical has your back covered. Our industrial electrical services include;

1.      Lighting Install and Repairs

Whether you want new lighting installed in your warehouse or your lighting needs repair, we are here for you. Our lighting installation and repair services are the best in Wollongong.

2.      Lighting Upgrades

We can also upgrade the existing lighting in your factory and warehouse.

3.      Power Install and Upgrades

When you want power installed in your new factory or warehouse, M1&Co is the company to call. Our installation is safe and meets the highest required standards. We can also upgrade your existing power connection to meet all your electrical needs comfortably.

4.      Fault Finding

We also do in-depth electrical fault finding tests using calibrated equipment to help you detect and deal with flaws in your electrical connection.

5.      Pumping Station Repair

At M1&Co, we offer the best pumping station repair services to ensure you not only enjoy smooth pumping but also reduce your operating costs.

6.      General Maintenance

We are the go-to electrical company in Wollongong. Our high-quality maintenance services will ensure that you don’t have to incur extra repair costs in the near future.

Our other services are RCD testing, Test and Tag, Data Cabling, Programmed maintenance, and so much more. Contact us today and enjoy all these services at some of the best rates in Wollongong. 

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