M1&CO - High voltage jointing & termination company in New South Wales

High Voltage Cabling & Electrician Tips

High Voltage Cabling & Electrician Tips   The team here at M1&Co are multi-skilled and can match any type of electrical work.   At M1&Co, we provide high quality jointing and termination services for medium to large projects. We can match most types of projects across New South Wales –....

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M1&CO - Level 2 Electrician for Building New Homes

Level 2 Electrician for Building New Homes

Before delving into this blog post, some of you may be wondering this: what is a level 2 electrician? Taken from our website, in New South Wales, some major electrical works can only be carried out by personnel with the appropriate qualifications. Level 2 Certified electricians are authorised to work on or near Endeavour energy networks, handlin....

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M1&CO - What you need to know about your electrician

5 Things to do Before Calling an Electrician

The 18th century was the foundation for the type of electricity we have today. Before this, all places – including Wollongong! – would rely on oil lamps and candles as a source of light in the night time. In this day and age, electricity is taken for granted because we were always exposed to it. Unfortunately, electricity in your....

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