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Power Poles Installations & Replacements

There are a few things more frustrating than having a private power pole installed in a place that obstructs cable, on a pathway, or in a way that creates an unsafe environment. 

At M1&Co, we shoulder all the heavy-power-pole installation for you so that your installation will conform with the local health and safety regulations by the time we're done. We'll:

- Help you install a new pole, replace power poles, or service a private electrical pole

- Move private poles on power lines (in case of obstruction, safety issue, or any other reason)

- Disconnect, relocate, and reconnect the attachment point  (we're certified and accredited level two certified electricians, and we'll handle it - according to the standard procedure)

- Fix any defect (in case you get defective notice)

We've installed thousands of timber and galvanized private steel poles in the Wollongong region—and we can do it for you. Call 0455 55 9598


What You'll Get

A lot—depending on the service you need.

24/7 Emergency Pole Replacement Service

There are all sorts of reasons for an emergency need for pole replacement services or you to install a new power pole. It might be:

- Storm damage

- Fallen pole

- Cross arm 

- Preplacement of insulating pins and shackles

- Storm damage to overhead wires

- Repairs to bush-fire affected areas

- Re-tensioning of overhead cables

- Adjustments of end preforms and ties

- Private Power Distribution

- Temporary builders poles

If you have a sudden need for pole replacement, don't sweat it.  We're here to get you the replacement service in real-time. We specialise in installations, replacements and safety checks on timber or galvanised steel pole.

Even more:

We follow all the private power pole acts to ensure your pole replacement adhere to health and safety regulations.


Nearly All Power Pole Installation Solution 

We supply and install all power poles—both timber (treated hardwood) and galvanised steel poles.  The services include:

- Private power poles replacement services

- Residential, commercial, and industrial private power pole installation and replacement

- Point of attachment repairs

- Design of overhead reticulation

- Service line installation single phase or 3 phase

- Point of attachment relocation

- Re-tension of overhead cable

- Adjustments of end preforms and ties

- Installation of pole stays

We install power poles and attend to any breakdown throughout Wollongong, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Sutherland Shire, and South Coast.


We Handle Private Power Poles from Start to Finish

M1&Co Electrical is a specialist Level 2 Service provider. We are authorised to perform:

- Private power pole installation

- Related repairs

- Pole replacement

We help property owners to install power poles that act as the electrical power source to their property. If you want to join your building using a point of attachment to a street's electrical network in the Wollongong region, we'll help you.

We've installed thousands of galvanised steel private poles and timber poles. We're familiar with the regulations concerning underground excavation and underground utility identification, and we're authorised to install a private pole.

We understand the procedure of placing power poles on private properties. We'll do all the excruciating installation procedures for you.


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