cable management


Electronics are expensive and should be appropriately looked after in order to keep them working and avoid any possible accidents.

Whether it's your computer or TV entertainment setups, cables can be hard to manage since they're so many of them and some can be quite thick and hard to hide. But why do you need to have proper cable management and not just let them hang where they fall?

Here is why you should keep up to date with your cable management.

  1. Aesthetic looks

When all your cables are hanging out and insight of others, it can look messy and unappealing. So storing them away correctly will make your set up or living area look cleaner and crisper.

  1. Fire Hazard

When you have cables just spread out and grouped together, it's easy for dust to build up around them which can potentially cause an electrical fire. So keeping your cables tucked away and dusted regularly will help decrease this risk.

  1. Cable Damage

If your cables are out in the open, there is a chance that people will step on them or be run over by your office chair, which can cause severe damage. This damage can lead to unwanted problems such as a short circuit which can leave you without power.

  1. Trip Hazard

Having cables spread out in places where people tend to walk creates a tripping hazard which for average adults isn't that dangerous, but for small children and the elderly, this becomes much more of a danger.

Here are just a few ways you can manage your cables.

  1. Zip ties

They're simple to use and cheap to buy

  1. Cable box

Having one of these makes accessing your cables easy and safe.

  1. Sticky tape

If you're on a tight budget and can't afford those, then sticky tape can be used as a cheap substitute to keep cables out of peoples walkway.

Keeping your cables tucked away is not only for a better-looking setup, but for your and your family's safety so it shouldn't be taken lightly.

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