Who is a Level 2 Electrician?

Know the facts about electricians

Electricity is one of the important aspects in today’s technological world. Almost all the appliances in your home need electricity to functions and to enjoy gadgets like Radio, PC, and television. Because of the importance of electricity the services of the electrician are very important in order to ensure that your daily activities without any interruption. If there is any electrical issue in your home, you can probably higher a qualified level 2 electrician to install and maintain your electrical system.

Different roles of electricians:

There are many processes that an electrician can do according to your need. If you are willing to get a quality service you need to hire a licensed electrician for your work. There are many different types of accreditations are given to the electrician based on their services.

Accreditations and its level:

There are three types of accredited electricians available

  • Level 1 accredited electrician is the one who connect your property to the network of electricity network. They used to carry this out by lengthen the network to reach your property. This is the major process which is done by the level 1 electrician.
  • When it comes to level 2 electrician, they used to disconnect of connect your property to the network. This process can be done using an underground or overhead line. They can also repair the electrical lines if there is any fault.
  • Finally a level 3 electrician is not only authorised to install and disconnect the electricity network but also well aware of the designs of the system.

The above three are the major levels of electricians, according to your need you can select your electrician for your work.

How to find a perfect electrician:

  • An experienced and expert electrician can give a perfect finish for your work.
  • The wiring should be perfectly finished and all the cables must meet tidily at the service panel.
  • Electrician must be organised in his work
  • In order to get the quality service, it would be best to hire a level 2 electrician who can provide you perfect work.


  • Once you have selected the electrician, it is best to ask for their testimonial. You can see all his previous work and its quality there. This will give you some idea regarding his experience.


  • If a person says he is a licensed electrician, ask for their license, because some of the electricians are working with their expired license. It also best to ask for the copy of their insurance document to verify that you will be covered in case of any accident.


  • Once you are satisfied with every aspect hire the selected electrician to take care of your work.


Among all the electricians it is always best to hire the Level 2 accredited service provider Electrician in Wollongong and Illawarra region, because they are most qualified service providers for the task at hand. Hire a qualified one and make sure that you are in safe hands.