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Getting this letter for the first time can make people nervous and uneasy as they may not even know what a "defection notice" is, so allow M1&CO to explain what it is and what you should do when you revive one.

First, we need to outline what a defection notice is and why you would receive one.

A defection notice is a letter sent to you by your local council informing you that parts of your electrical work do not meet the standards of the government.

In the letter, you will get details about what parts of your electrical works are defective, and you will also be given a set number of days (usually 21) to have those fixed. Failure to do this within the allotted time period could result in your power being turned off.

Why Am I Receiving This Defection Notice?

Well, there are several reasons why you could be receiving this defection notice such as

  • An Issue with a Private Power Pole.

If you have one of these on your property and an inspector has concluded that it poses a risk to people or nearby structures you will receive a notice to move it away immediately.

  • Updating Your Switchboard

Switchboards are the boxes outside your property that manage the flow of electricity coming to and from your network, so if some aspects of it are outdated or broken, they can cause power outages and potentially fires. So, if an inspector finds parts of it that need to be replaced, you will receive a defection notice.

  • Missing or Corrupted Electrical Equipment

This is the most common reason people receive these defection notices, and the reasons for these are very broad, but simply it means parts of your electrical network are unsafe and could cause some significant problems down the line, so it's best to have them replaced or repaired.

  • Powerlines That Are Too Low

Powerlines are the most essential part of our whole electrical network, so if they do become damaged and start to drop in height, that's something we need to correct ASAP. Low powerlines pose a massive danger as they can come into contact with trees which could start a fire, so getting these corrected is imperative.

  • Damaged Cables

We have previously covered how cables can become damaged and potentially cause significant damage, so if any cables leading to your house have become damaged in any way, you will defiantly receive a defection notice regarding them.

What Should I Do Now?

Now that you know what a defect notice is and why you may have gotten one, it's time to discuss what you should do once you have gotten one and understand what needs to be fixed.

You can't fix any of these issues on your own as it involves massive amounts of electricity that could harm you, so it's best to get in touch with a level 2 electrician in your area. If you live in the Wollongong, Sutherland Shire, Illawarra or South Coast areas you should be contacting M1&CO.

All our level 2 electrifications are trained and capable of fixing all the listed issues above. They will also do a sweep of your house to make sure there aren't any other potential problems that could result in another defect notice.

As stated above, if you don't fix the defects within the timeframe, you may have your power turned off to ensure you and your neighbour's safety.

M1&CO are here to help take care of any and all defects, so if you have received a defect notice in the mail and need help sorting it out, call us on 0455 559 598 today. Don't worry about what time you call us as we offer 24/7 service.

Don’t be left in the dark, get your issue fixed today!