Future electrician

What Will Electricians Look Like In the Future?

Well, if I had crystal ball, I would throw it away! We rely on feedback and robust thought when it comes to future projections especially when it comes to high voltage! Or Amperes..

According to the Australian Job Outlook program, an electrician must be capable of the following:

1. Examining blueprints, wiring diagrams and specifications to determine sequences and methods of operation

2. Measuring and laying out installation reference points

3. Selecting, cutting and connecting wire and cable to terminals and connectors

4. Using electrical and electronic test instruments to trace and diagnose faults

5. Repairing and replacing faulty wiring and defective parts

6. Positioning and installing electrical switchboards

7. Connecting electrical systems to power supply

8. Testing continuity of circuit

9. Installing, testing and adjusting electric and mechanical parts of lifts


Global Industry View

So, we got the fundamentals right? What about projections? The future for God's sake!?

According to Lane Trusted Advisores, the term "electrical contractor" is deemed to change to "energy contractors." Evolution of global technology works towards sustainable energy distribution and longevity of the current framework. It is no secret that demand for qualified electricians is growing. It appears that development of proposed advancements is in the hands of skilled professionals in the field. What is the use of advanced material design and efficient systems if the industry is not prepared to action them?

Australia is working with legends such as Elon Musk to solve problems in availability, stability and cost of electricity. Back in 2017, the initiative delivered access to megawatts in South Australia. Not to mention the extraction of rare earth metals to accomodate for innovation, Mr. Musk and Co have been displaying progress in the energy storage dimension. What we are trying to get at, is the fact that Australia looks like to be at the forefront of the next energy evolution within Australaisia.


Materials & Tools

In order to build a better future we must be able to see. One such tool is the Thermal Imaging hardware. Seeing through walls and other obstructions can save immense anount of time and resources for an electrician to repair and optimise. Other tools include advanced sonar and light technologies. 

Moving forward, smart meters and granular infrastructure-level sensors will help miitigate risks associated with new proposed structures. Energy consumption and productivity is generally corelated, the demand has risen and it appears to exceeed the engineering capabilities are inter-connected.  

Another major factor for breakthrough is the software. With multiple process specific industries taking shape, it is vital ti improve operational efficiency not just through the regualr day to day operations but on quarterly basiscs as well. 


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