What is thermal imaging for electricians?

What Is Electrical Thermal Imaging?

Excessive heat can cause malfunctions in electric equipment like microwaves and electric circuits. If this isn’t addressed soon enough, there can be serious consequences such as health risks, among others.

The good news is you can take preventative measures to decipher the dangers, as well as take action when a situation arises prior to it occurring. In case you’re wondering what we mean, it’s electrical thermal imaging. But what exactly does it entail? 

Sit pretty and get ready to discover more about electrical thermal imaging. You’ll also learn how the technology is used by electricians to improve the quality of life. So, buckle up and let’s get to it!

What Is Electrical Thermal Imaging?

Electrical thermal imaging also known as thermography is the process of assessing and inspecting electrical equipment such as circuits and electrical appliances by determining heat distribution. The technology relies on sensors to convert invisible heat radiation to visible light images. Thus, this makes it possible to see any anomalies in heat radiation.

Whenever there is a loose connection in an electrical circuit or bearings wearing out in mechanical equipment, it’s common to experience an increase in temperatures. Since it’s not possible to see the heat radiation through the naked eyes, a thermal imager comes in handy.

Electricians use this tool to assess mechanical equipment and electrical circuits for abnormal heat distribution. Afterward, they use the information to make logical decisions on how to fix the problems at hand. 

Where circuits are loose, they’re fixed and where bearings in mechanical equipment are worn out, they’re replaced. Leaving the equipment as they are can be detrimental. That’s why it’s recommended to attend to them before it’s late. 

High temperatures can cause equipment components to melt. This has two potential serious effects. In the event the elements melt, they can drop into your food while using the microwave to nuke it. You can suffer severe health complications if you ingest this food.

The other problem is that the equipment can eventually explode when it overheats. This can cause a fire resulting in more damages. And you’ll have to buy another piece of equipment. If you don’t have a budget for replacement, this may inconvenience you.

Thermal Imaging Application for Electricians

Electricians use thermal imaging for preventive maintenance of electrical circuits and mechanical equipment. Abnormal heat radiation isn’t easy to tell using the naked eyes. Failure to respond can lead to more problems if they are not dealt with immediately.

A malfunctioning microwave, for example, due to excessive heating, can cause health complications including cancer. This is highly probable when microwave elements melt and fall into the food you are nuking.

Thermal imaging technology can be applied in virtually every electrical circuit or mechanical equipment. Some of these areas include; elevator motors, electrical fuse installations, and electrical wall-plugs.

Final Thoughts

The best way to avoid a problem is by foreseeing it then taking the necessary measures to prevent potential damages. In the electrical field, this is where thermal imaging comes in. The M1&CO Electrical is run by experienced electricians who can help you with preventive maintenance of electrical circuits and mechanical equipment. Contact us today for free quotes and consultation.