UV Damage and Types of Electricians To Fix It

Electricity is as important as oxygen to some people. Our generation is so dependent on electrically powered devices and gadgets like television, computer, air conditioner, mobile phones and refrigerators that we go crasy when there is a prolonged power cut or if any of these appliances need some repair.

 In some cases, the overhead cables which connect electric lines from pole to pole may be damaged due to ultraviolet radiation which can cause a disruption in the power supply to your house. You cannot seek the help of the same kind of electrician for a machinery or power supply issue in a factory and for an electrical problem at your house.

There are different types of electricians who work in different sectors and have different levels of expertise. Below are a few types of electricians you should learn about:

1.Residential electricians

A residential electrician is the one you call home when there’s something wrong with the connections or the power supply to certain areas of the house. They repair, upgrade and install electrical things at houses and apartments. Residential electricians have to go through a course as well as get practically trained under an expert electrician in order to get their license.

2.Commercial electricians

Commercial electricians are those who come to your office or factory in case of any repair. They work in commercial buildings and are trained to repair mechanical electrical systems. Such electricians help in the installation of electronic security systems, water heating systems, and air conditioning systems in a commercial building.

The training of a commercial electrician is thoroughly done under a master electrician before he gets a license because faulty wires and electrical connections need to be repaired by a proper electrician in commercial buildings since it can affect public safety.

3.Journeymen electricians

They work in both residential and commercial buildings regarding mechanical electrical items, lighting and security equipment installations, and communication related equipment installations. Journeymen electricians can also work on overhead cables. They can work on an electrical grid within a commercial or residential building.

Mostly, journeymen electricians work in construction and industry related areas and at times in areas related to business regarding utility services. In order to become a licensed Journeyman electrician, one has to pass qualifying exams ad undergo proper raining.

4.Master electricians

A master electrician is a highly skilled electrician who not only works in highly demanding construction areas but also manages apprentices and trainees under him. In many states, a person needs to be experienced in the field at least for 7 years to get a master electrician’s license.

5.Level 2 Electrician

A level 2 Electrician is the electrician who takes care of the power supply from the streets to various buildings. He is authorised to connect the power line supply to the meter box in your house or building. For more information contact our team for a free consultation.