Solar panels have been around for a while now, and they have become increasingly popular with the general public because they're a steppingstone to cleaner and more efficient energy.

Even though solar panels are more popular than ever, some people still don't know some basic facts about them. To help give you a better understanding of them here is a list of the things you may not know about solar panels.

  1. Solar power is the best power source on earth

Solar power is an energy source that won't deplete over time and can be used without harm, and in the long run, will help our other resources regenerate over time. It is also the world’s most powerful energy source with the sun generating enough energy in 1 hour to power the world for one year.

  1. They aren't just for houses

Although their primary use has been for people’s homes, more recently they have been installed on streetlights. This means we can have nicely lit up roadways at night without burning any excess fossil fuels.

  1. Some modern cars are even becoming solar powered

With the price of oil and petrol always going up we need to find a better way to power our vehicles, and some car manufacturers are designing cars that will have solar panels on the doors and roofs. Once this technology takes off and more cars are built with them, petrol will become an emergency backup rather than the primary energy source.

  1. They can help reduce your electric bill

The main reason people want to get solar panels installed is that they will help reduce their power bill, and if you can generate enough power with your solar panels it will be pumped back into the system. After this, your power company will credit you the amount of energy you gave them.

  1. It will eventually help save our world

If we let it, solar energy will ultimately help save our world since we won't have to rely on fossil fuel burning and coal mines to provide us with energy, which will help reduce greenhouse gasses and help keep plants and animals alive.

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