Things You Didn't Know About Electricians


When you decide to hire an electrician to do some work around your house, you often take for granted how much they have trained and worked to get to this point in their career.

Because electricians are often overlooked and undervalued I thought I'd take the time to tell you some interesting things about electricians that you maybe didn't know, to help you better understand just how important their jobs are.

  1. They must have full-colour vision

I'm sure you've seen the wires that come out of your wall socket and how each is a different colour, and you may think that this isn't important, but that is far from the truth. An electrician must be able to distinguish between colours to find the correct wire or point to do their job right.

  1. Tool masters

Electricians need to have a massive range of skills in order to do their job to the best of their ability, and this means learning how to use dozens of small and large tools which is no easy feat.

  1. Celebrity electricians

It's not just your average person that is an electrician, and in fact, many celebrities have been electricians in their lifetime such as Rowan Atkinson better known as Mr Bean.

  1. It's an ever-growing industry

More jobs will be created for electricians in the future with cities continually expanding and new buildings being designed, so in the coming years, their won't be any job shortage for your local electrician.

  1. They train and practice for a long time

If you see someone claiming to be a master electrician, that isn't just a fancy title they have given themselves to sound better than the rest. To become a master electrician, they must first go through their apprenticeship where they're worked hard by their bosses, after that they need to have three years of fieldwork experience before they can even apply for that title.

  1. Many specialities

The industry is growing and so is the need for different kinds of electricians and while some may focus on electrical engineering, others may want to focus on constructional jobs, but most electricians can perform multiple functions making them very versatile.

Being an electrician is a very tough and dangerous job, and only those who're genuinely committed to perfecting their craft will make it in the industry, and as most businesses have very high standards, they also must contend in a competitive environment.

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