When we clean our homes, we usually think about cleaning the windows, vacuuming the floor and giving everything a beautiful shine, but we often overlook some small details because they aren't central to the room or home.

The small spots near and around electrical equipment such as TVs, computers, game consoles and cables can become very dusty, and while this will look quite unsightly, there are a few dangers that also come with it.

Here is why you need to dust in and around electrical equipment

  1. Allergies

Most electrical devices such as TVs and computers have built-in fans to help keep them cool during extended durations of usage. This creates dust build-ups which can irritate some people’s allergies. People with asthma can even have an asthma attack from inhaling too much dust, so it's very important to keep up with your dusting around those areas.

  1. Cable damage

Cables are strong but prolonged periods of being tangled up and covered in dust can begin to cause long term damage to them, which can not only damage the cable and the device it's attached to but also can cause or start electrical fires.

  1. Fires

The three main components of fire are oxygen, heat and a fuel source and all three are present when it comes to electrical devices. Cables, in particular, are very susceptible to this since they accumulate heat plus the gathered dust around it, all it would need to go up in flames is a small spark.

  1. Short circuit

Not everything related to dust build-up is deadly and life-threating but can be very inconvenient for you and your family. If too much dust gets into a power point and you turn it on it can cause a short circuit in your system, leaving you in the dark.

  1. Damaged devices

This mostly applies to computers and game consoles, but virtually any electrical device can become damaged from dust build-up. Computers and game consoles are constantly expelling hot air and taking in cool air, so it the air around them becomes saturated with dust then all that will start going through the system and eventually cause long term damage.

Keeping up with your dusting is very important for not only the look of your house, but for the safety of you and your family, but if you do encounter a problem caused by dust build-up that affects your homes electricity, then you can count on M1&Co to fix it.

M1&Co electricians are traine3d to handle any type of situation, so whether you have just blown a fuse or a power pole near you has been damaged, they can help.

We are available 24/7 because we know not all problems fall between work hours, so if you need some electrical assistance, call us on 0455 559 598 today!

When it comes to electricity and maintenance, we are second to none and will continue to improve ourselves and our company.