Tools for Electricians 2021

New Electrical Tools 2021

If you are an established electrician or an apprentice planning to be one, then you already know that your tool kit is your best friend. Having the proper tools in there is crucial to your success, which is why we’ve created a list of electrician tools that you need to have in 2021.

1.Insulated Pliers

Pliers are a versatile tool that have been in use for a long time, and they’re not about to go anywhere.  They are mainly used for gripping, twisting, and clipping wires and are available in different designs depending on the task to be performed. These include;

  • Combination pliers- Designed for a combination of gripping, insulation stripping, and wire cutting.
  • Side-cutting pliers- Used to cut wires.
  • Longnose pliers- Feature long tapered jaws that allow you to grip small objects.
  • Water pump pliers- Also known as adjustable pliers, they are commonly used with bolts, nuts, and fasteners. 
  • Moles grips/locking pliers

2.Wire strippers

Wire strippers resemble pliers and are primarily used to remove the insulating sheath from cables. The common designs include adjustable strippers, sheath strippers, triple-action wire strippers, pistol wire strippers, manual wire strippers, and automatic wire strippers.

3.Insulated Screwdrivers

No electrician can function (at least not effectively) without a screwdriver, especially if you encounter screws often in the field. They work through the application of rotational force ( torque) and are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the respective screw design.

4.Cable Cutters

As their name suggests, these electrician tools are used to cut through wiring. They feature steel blades that are also a handy way to strip the insulating sheath of wires. They are available in different designs depending on the angle of cut required and are typically insulated to protect the user from the risk of electrocution.

5. Voltage Tester

Also known as a voltage indicator, a voltage tester is a small but crucial piece of electrical hardware. They are used to test for the presence of a live current in junction boxes, switches, cabling, and other electrical equipment. Modern voltage testers have redundant circuits and are resistant to voltage surges for safety purposes.


These are used to attach or loosen nuts and bolts through the application of torque.  They are available in different designs depending on the different sizes and shapes of bolt and nut available.  Most models are either adjustable or open-ended.

7.Claw hammer

On one end, claw hammers are designed to drive or remove nails and similar fixtures from a surface. Electricians use claw hammers to access fuseboxes and other sealed spaces. 

8.Electrical tape

Also known as insulation tape, the electrical tape is a pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive tape that is used to insulate wires. There are different models made from different materials, like vinyl, glass cloth, copper foil, and PVC, and all are liquid and heat resistant. They are also available in different colors to help electricians color code the wires they’re insulating.


How much do electrician tools cost?

Luckily, electrician tools aren’t that expensive, and you can easily assemble a complete tool kit over a short period.