How To Choose an Electrician

Using Google or your local reference to find a professional to fix your electrical issues may be easy. The hard part is choosing the right one. With so many variables it may become quite complicated selecting local electrical contractor to provide the most value. Most electricians compete via pricing with calls to $0 call out fee, free quotes and so on. Most pricing strategies balance out the initial discount which is eventually transferred over once the client is acquired. The problem with that is the risk of hidden fees and incomplete work as particularly "new" electricians attempt get a market share. It comes down to the decision you make within a few minutes but the work complete by selected electrical company may last between a couple of hours to a lifetime.

1. Aggregators

Those are subcontracting companies which are positioning themselves with one main goal: connect a potential customer to a range of electricians. Big advantage of that is the level of competition it creates between service providers and usually results in internal bidding with lower prices for the potential client. On the other hand, listing companies produce little to no effort in ranking the electricians which in turn can’t vouch for best performance. Companies such as Wordofmouth attempt to reflect on natural reviews, others such as Hipages only work on commission bases. Yellow pages and Local search work on paid priority as well.

2. Word Of Mouth

This is a classic lead generation which has been around for thousands of years if not longer. It is a tricky one for the most part for one simple factor: inner circle trust. When your wise uncle tells you to go with a specific electrical company because the family used them for 20 years it will be absurd not to get a quote from them. But it does not change the fact that there is a high chance of other more valuable service providers near you. In tighter local communities it is essential to support your neighbouring businesses but in larger and denser populated areas availability is much higher and other means such as digital format is embraced more than ever.

3. The Web

Search engines such as Google account for over 95% of all search queries within Australia. The company leads the way by filtering the best possible results for its users. Using algorithms and customer data you may be suggested a reliable electrician. Other factors include visual appeal, context, pricing and reviews of the company's web presence. Although search engines do a fantastic job at filtering out terrible professionals, it is still largely automated. And you have probably guessed the possible issues with automation and robots. Unfortunately, to cover that in detail is simply too long for this article.

4. Human Factor

This is the ultimate test for quality. With all 3rd parties telling us what is best, the final check is in your hands. If you believe it is reasonable to pick top 3 electricians from initial sources, follow them up with a call or a meeting (depending on the scope of the work involved) and ask some fundamental questions. When you talk to them keep an ear or an eye or both (if you happen to meet in person) out for their communication skills, it will help clarify some of the more technical issues on the job in the future. Having a conversation with more than one electrical company will help you map a trend in what is being offered. As mentioned earlier, price is one thing but value is another. Read between the lines and don't forget to have a bit fun on the way :)

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