Electrical fires are a big problem since they can seemingly start at any time and can cause severe damage to you, your family and your house, so taking the proper safety steps in order to prevent them is a no brainer.

Here at M1&CO, we have created a type of checklist to help you better prevent a future electrical fire.

Here are ways to prevent electrical fires

Don't use old or worn out power boards

We all have that one power board that has been in our house for years, and we still use it because it's convenient, but with age comes faulty wiring and that old power board could cause a sudden power surge and catch on fire. If you suspect your power board has any type of fault, then replacing it would be the safest option.

Inspect any faulty outlets or wires

Electrical sockets and cables can become damaged in many ways so keeping an eye on them is an excellent way to keep yourself and your family safe. If one or more sockets in your house are damaged, then calling in an electrician to have a look should be your next move.

Dust around electrical sockets

Although dust isn't an initial cause of electrical fires, it can help it spread so cleaning and dusting around wall sockets and other electrical products should be apart of your regular cleaning.

Now, what should you do if there is a sudden electrical fire in your house?

Don't throw water on it

Although it's our first instinct when we see a fire, in this case, you should never throw water since water conducts electricity and it could harm you, and the water may also enable the electrical fire to spread more.

Unplug it

If you can reach the plug without endangering yourself then unplugging the affected appliance or device at the wall is your next step.

Use a blanket

Using a blanket to put out a fire is something that we're taught as kids, and this should be your primary tool to put out the fire.

Call 000

If you can't put the fire out yourself, then you should call 000 ASAP

Electrical fires can be scary and can also be deadly, but if you follow these steps, you can be that much safer inside your own home.

If you're concerned about an electrical problem in your house and feel it could be dangerous then call M1&CO, we're a fully licenced electrical contractor company and have extremely skilled electricians working for us. No job is too small for us so even if you're worried about a faulty wall socket, we can help you.

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Don't leave anything to chance, it's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your family’s safety.