This is a dark time in Australia as seemingly the entire country is on fire, and while we can point fingers at who's fault this is, it won't get us anywhere.

As an average person who isn't a firefighter, you may be thinking there isn't much you can do, but that isn't true, and you doing even the smallest things can help you and your neighbours avoid any potential spot fires from forming.

If you want to help in these dark times, do any of the following.

  1. Inform Your Family and Friends That You Are Safe

With such large parts of the country up in flames, there is a good to fair chance that you know someone who is currently caught near the fires, and you would want to know they were ok and the same goes for your family. Facebook has a service which allows you to inform everyone that you are ok, so to ease their worries, make sure you report that you are ok.

  1. Clear Any and All Debris From Your House

The main reason these tragic fires were able to spread so much was because they had so much fuel (wood, sticks and other flammable materials) because they were not taken away from specific areas. If you live on a property or have trees surrounding you, make sure to get rid of any fallen branches, sticks, leaves and anything else that could catch fire.

  1. Please Report Any and All Electrical Concerns To Us

Not only is the country on fire but we are in the middle of a massive heatwave which causes a lot of problems such as power surges and overworked cables, which can lead of electrical fires and even more devastation for our country. If you see any signs of electrical problems around the Wollongong, Sutherland Shire, Illawarra or South Coast areas, please contact us for help.

  1. Stay Inside and Avoid The Smoke

The smoke is a direct result of the fire, and it can be very harmful, and in fact, on the 21st of December, Goulburn NSW had the worst air quality in the world, beating our China and Mexico by a large margin. The smoke is very dangerous, especially for those with raspatory problems, so please stay inside whenever possible.

This is the worst bush fire season Australia has ever experienced, and we all hope we learn to from our mistakes and avoid anything like this in the future, but for now, we need to grit our teeth and push forward as only Australians can do. We are strong people who never waver in the face of adversity, and we will get through this.

If you are currently fighting the fires then everyone here at M1&Co thanks you and are sending our positive thoughts to you.

If you need any help with your electrical needs during this hard time, please call us at 0455 559 598 any time 24/7.

Stay safe everyone, This horrible situation will pass, and we will survive it.