Tips for saving energy in spring

Energy Saving Tips For Spring 2020

It's spring and it is the time of the year where electricity bills are revised! There is a range of things which affect the bill and we are here to discuss how a household or a commecial property can reduce their electricity bill this Spring. 


1. Clean Up!

Dust build up increases your bill! Make sure to clean your home and your air conditioning units and filters. If your AC unit is functioning well, assuming there are no blockages it will require normal levels of energy. On the other hand, obstructed electrical units will suck up more power to deliver what they are designed for. 


2. Make Use Of Your Windows

Consider tinting or even glazing your windows to reduce the external heat coming in to the property. There is also a wide range of mechanical installations which have cutting edge air flow management to help offset the use of air coolers moving into the summer. 


3. It's Time To Switch To LEDs

Modern lighting solutions require (generally) less power to illumane domestic needs. They also provide less heat in general. 

4. Cook Outdoors

Spring is a great time to get outside. With perhaps best temperatures throughout the year, the period offers awesome opportunities for BBQ and much more! Don't forget that when you use your oven indoors it creates more heat and therefore more disbalance to your air con. 


5. Rely On Natural Light

Open the curtains! There is a ton of lighting that we all use which we don't really need. During spring day time utlisie day light to your own advatnage and cut the electricity costs. 


6. Refrigerator Maintenance

With dust build up and bacteria in your fridge, especially if you have pets, it forces the unit to work harder in order to cool everything which is inside.