Electrical panel replacement for safe electric Circuit Operation


Electric panel replacement for safe electric circuit operation

If you own a home built before 1990 then you might have an old outdated main electric panel/box hiding in your home. These outdated main electric panels are not only look old fashioned but also extremely unsafe. As you know electric panels contains safety devices like circuit breakers and fuses which trip for power shut off in case of excess power flow through the circuit. This system prevents fire that can cause by wire overheating. Here you will come to know about four types of panels that you should replace if you have one of them. You can avail level 2 electrician for the replacement of old panel.

Federal Pacific Electric is one of the most famous manufacturers of electric panels in United States and they installed panels in millions of homes but these panels are extremely unsafe for your home. Federal Pacific Electric panels’ circuit fails to trip in case of any short circuit. This problem has lead to thousands of fires across the United States. Also they send electric power in the circuit even they are in off position. This can lead to an accident while working on electric circuit. Federal Pacific panels are very common between 1950 and 1980. Federal Electric is mentioned there on the cover of the panel. In Australia we tend to have a similar scenario.

Zinsco Panels also known as GTE-Sylvania panels were also popular panels installed at many homes around 1970. Many of the homes still have these types of electric panels installed at their home. In case of short circuit the panel melts and unable to trip leaving your home at risk. You can locate an electrician in Wollongong for finding out these types of panels installed. If you find Zinsco written on any one of the panel then you should replace it immediately. The panels having name GTE-Sylvania are also Zinsco rebranded panels having the same problem and consider to be replaced. But not all Sylvania or GTE-Sylvania branded panels are defected and it should be inspected by a good electrician.

In the modern circuit breaker there is a single metal bus. Electricity comes into the panel passes through the breaker and after to the bus which is connected to each individual circuit breaker and provide power to your home. In order to shut off power you have to turn off the main breaker. In case of split bus electric panels they have two buses with no single main disconnect. They have six main breakers and one of the main breaker controls power to half of the breakers in the panel. The other main breakers are connected to the first bus directly. You should look for Level 2 accredited service provider for panel replacement. These types of panels are not unsafe but they have crossed their expected lifespan of 40 years. The circuit breakers may not trip after such a long period of installation. Also electric code do not allow for multiple disconnects. In order to inspect open the panel front cover see if the electric breakers are divided into two groups and if there is no single disconnect breaker then all these shows that it is a split bus panel and you should consider replacement.