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Efficiency Apps For Electricians 2021

In 2021 it is hard to imagine a competitive trade company in Australia which does not use apps and softwares. Not to mention sole traders armed to the teeth with automation, outperforming old school pen and paper on efficiency.
In this blog we will list and compare a set of softwares and apps used by electricians in Australia to streamline their internal business processes. 
It is important to note that some software is a better fit for organisations depending on their size, general requirements and budget. Some solutions may even require a dedicated admin while others can be used by team members on the fly with little to no training.
Here is a breakdown of the top 5 community approved software across Australia.

1. Tradify

This software is pretty well packaged. If anything, you may want to reduce the number of options it has. The number of options may spook less tech savy users.  

2. AroFlo

This one stands out with a feature some companies find as a deal breaker: GPS tracking. Business manager can track the employee location and drive the efficiency of a job further.

3. ServiceM8

Quite popular software used by many trade businesses. It has SMS notifications and good job scheduling. There is however a setback, there are many add ons which in the end can be confusing to roll out an complete solution for your business, including additional costs.

4. simPRO

This is one of the first companies to introduce solid efficiency to tradies in Australia. This company now targets larger organisations simply because it can. 

5. Trade Trak

A relatively young software that packs a punch for modern workflow and job management for electrical contractors. Fergus app is a similar rival.