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Ever received a letter like this before?

(Report of Inspections - Customer Defect - Endeavour Energy)


Do you have upcoming domestic, commercial, or industrial electrical works? Get the Best Level 2 Electricians - M1&Co. 

Looking for residential, commercial, or industrial certified electricians in the Wollongong region? You should call M1&Co - we have some of the best & fully-accredited Level 2 electricians in the Illawarra. Consultation is completely free; hence, you can obtain free quotes and suggestions. Our electrical services are of high-quality and extremely efficient. Our electricians are very friendly, flexible, and reliable. 

M1&Co has the solution whether it is domestic electrical works like new installation or rewiring, overhead electrical services like overhead line/cable repair, or relocating electric pole, or any other commercial & industrial work.

Why choose M1&Co over others?

Level 2 Electricians are qualified and authorised to work Endeavour Energy networks in New South Wales. Our electricians have the experience and the expertise to handle live wires and metering equipment unlike amateur and local electricians that some people hire. M1 qualified electricians can work on underground or overhead electrical services smoothly.

M1&Co has the best level 2 electricians, and we operate across Australia in various types of domestic, industrial, and commercial electrical projects. We are available 24/7 for any emergency service such as repairs and breakdowns. M1&Co electricians have a very organised approach whereby we inspect the required work and shortlist the items - making a complete plan for execution to ensure quality & efficient work.

Services Offered by M1&Co for Every Category of Work

New Premises – When you have a new home or a new office, you need to install the electrical lines from scratch. We offer services to install private poles, new metering, overhead services mains, underground connections, temporary builders supplies, trenching, and all the other requirements. As a matter of fact, we are capable of taking large scale orders for multiple buildings and surrounding areas.

Existing Premises – There is always a need for upgrading the existing electrical system and repairing faults. We offer services for disconnections and reconnections, lighting upgrades, three phase upgrades, fault locating, relocating mains and switchboards, and all other requirements. We will provide all the equipment and supplies required.

Residential Works – M1&Co have skilled electrical tradesman to solve all the different types of small to big electrical issues. Works like new installations, cabling, overhead line/cable repair, fault finding, installing safety switch, smoke alarms, power-points, energy efficient lighting, rewiring, boring pumps, hot water systems, ovens, and hot plates are all done with full efficiency by our electricians.

Commercial and Industrial Works – Our qualified electricians are expert to work safely for any commercial projects. They work for warehouse lighting, pumping stations, industrial units, road works for new installation & relocating electric poles, repairing, and maintenance. All services are done in sync with state and federal electrical rules & regulations. Safety and efficiency are given the highest priority. There are various types of new electrical equipment/appliances to be used (for which knowledge and experience are a necessity) that could only be found in Level 2 electricians.