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5 Things to do Before Calling an Electrician

The 18th century was the foundation for the type of electricity we have today. Before this, all places – including Wollongong! – would rely on oil lamps and candles as a source of light in the night time. In this day and age, electricity is taken for granted because we were always exposed to it.

Unfortunately, electricity in your home won’t always run to its full potential; and can have some dangerous consequences if you try DIY such as:

- Causing a fire

- Getting electrocuted

- Making the electrical problem worse

- Outlets becoming overloaded

Thankfully, the electricians here at M1&CO can solve many electrical issues covering Wollongong, Sutherland Shire, South Coast, and the rest of Illawarra.

Okay so you know we can service you… now what?

Well, there are certain things you can do before calling an electrician. Here are 5 handy tasks to do before making a call:

Task 1: Check Experience Levels

It’s always a good idea to check the credentials and level of experience your electrician has. Ask them if they have performed similar work in comparison to what you need done; and what the result was. The last thing you’ll need is for a second call due to faulty solutions!

Task 2: Is an Electrician Needed?

Sure, an electrician might seem like the right person to call if your TV or stove has stopped working. However, chances are very high that it’s the appliance which is faulty; not the electricity. A great way to test this is to plug another electrical appliance into that socket and see if it works.

Task 3: Check the Obvious

There are times when an electrician is called over only to realise there is no problem with the electricity; the plug was just turned off. As humans, we run on automatic and manual habits. We (or other members in the home) may automatically turn off or unplug electrical appliances and manually forget we have done so.

Task 4: “Black-Out” or Just You?

Black-outs happens when a substantial area of land is without electricity due to bad weather and other causes of outages. If you experience a black-out, check to see if your neighbours are also experiencing this. If it’s just you, check your fuse box and restart the safety switch. If this doesn’t work, give your trusted Wollongong electricians a call!

Task 5: Don’t DIY

It should come as common sense to not DIY with something as dangerous as electricity. If you’re about to do a home job, ask yourself this: “Would I rather risk my safety or spend some money on an experienced electrician in Wollongong?”.

There we have it – 5 simple tasks to do and check before calling an electrician. We are here for you – we are here to help you live in the best possible way regarding electricity. If you are experiencing electrical issues in your home, give us a call today on 0455 559 598 or email us at marcus@m1andco.com.au