Domestic electrical hazards

5 Most Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

Everyone loves to think of their home as the safest place they can ever be, and this is true for the most part. 

However, your safe haven has some obvious and some not so obvious hazards. Undoubtedly, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is one of your main priorities. 

The first step towards this is being aware of the hazards present in your house and how you can mitigate them. 

Here are 5 of the most dangerous electrical hazards in your house. 

1. Problematic Wiring

This can be a silent danger because most of the wiring in a house is often concealed. However, defective or old wiring poses some risks to a house’s occupants. 

These can cause a fire or power surges. Some of the things you might notice are loose connections or the need to have your circuit breakers set too often. 

If you are moving into an old house, it’s advisable to have an electrician come in and inspect the wiring. Rodents and wear and tear is often worse in older houses. The damaged sections need repair or replacement for you to be safe. 

2. Using Electricals With Wet Hands

We all catch ourselves doing or almost doing it: we use the bathroom, wash our hands, and then reach the light switch with our hands wet or damp.

While it sounds pretty harmless, it’s actually is. 

All electrical appliances have a current flowing through them when they are powered on. Touching them with wet hands increases the likelihood of an electric shock, which can be severe enough to cause death.

Have towels at every sink in your house and keep all appliances away from wet areas. This should help minimize the temptation to operate any them with wet hands. 

3. Multi-plug Adaptors and Extension Plugs

These are extremely convenient as they help decentralize power sources. Multi plug adapters and extension plugs come with long cords which can be a tripping hazard. Have these stapled in place or have them run along walls where there is no human traffic. 

Similarly, they can be a hazard when overloaded. Their hardware might cause problems as well. Ensure to check their condition from time to time. Bent, frayed or cords with any physical damage should be replaced immediately. 

4. Younger Kids

People with young kids should child proof their homes aside from ensuring the kids are watched closely. 

Often ignored things like low sockets can seem rather attractive to a crawling child. A finger in the mouth jammed into a socket can cause shock. 

The same goes for metallic items being jammed in microwaves, toasters and so on. Always to keep all appliances in high storage spaces, and to have plastic protectors fitted on all sockets. 

5. Covered Wires and Cords

Cords and wires can have some covering on them. However, heavy covers could cause them to overheat, causing a fire.

If possible, just run your cords and wires out of reach with minimal covering. 

Keep Your Family Safe

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